Guitar Magazine Japan - Current Guitar Strap Guide [2023 Edition]

現行ギター・ストラップ・ガイド【2023年版】 ギター・マガジンが選んだ16本! 2023-01-20





Current Guitar Strap Guide [2023 Edition] 16 Straps Selected by Guitar Magazine! 

Choosing a guitar strap is something we tend to neglect, but if you attach one that you truly like to your favorite instrument, you will feel different when playing. As proof of this, if you look at the stars shining on stage, you'll see that all of them are wearing cool straps. Guitarists who aim for the top, be particular about the strap! It is.

So, here we introduce a total of 16 straps from 14 brands carefully selected by the Guitar Magazine editorial department. Authentic leather, affordable polyester, vintage replicas, etc. Which one to choose is luxurious and troublesome!

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