Bass Magazine - Virginia Castro: Go Get 'Em

Virginia Castro: Go Get ‘Em

We sit down with the creator of Get’m Get’m, the stylish straps used by Prince, Bootsy Collins, Duff McKagan, and Rhonda Smith

JON D'AURIA / APR 3, 2023

Virginia Castro was sitting in her Los Angeles home after an exhausting day of producing pet accessories and running her pet store, Catts & Doggs, when she decided to turn on VH1 to unwind. As music videos by Guns N’ Roses, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Van Halen played before her, she began to wonder why all of these rock stars were playing such amazing and expensive instruments that were being supported by the same boring and poorly made black straps.  

“I instantly had the thought that I could put some leopard prints and custom designs together to make them match the styles of the basses and guitars all the stars played. Why not apply the design knowledge I had from my pet line to making straps that would stand out and match the rest of their vibe?”

She immediately put her plan to action...

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