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We are always working to improve our product and our brand. The latest includes a fresh look to our webstore. Stay tuned for more changes to come.

Badass Rockers Count on our Straps

When they need a strap that is comfortable, strong, and durable - without sacrificing their STYLE - artists like Casandra Carson and her band Paralandra choose Get'm Get'm.

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The Third Eye Limited Edition Strap is Here

Inspired by 17 years of working with and designing for Prince. Only 60 straps available ever. Get'm Get'm before they are gone.

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  • The little angel who started it all - Kuba.

  • RightOn! Accessories

    The original pet line from Virginia Castro of Get’m Get’m, Inc.

    Specializing in collars for cats and dogs, we hope to be your home for all your awesome pet needs.

  • Our handsome friend Luca is seen wearing the Mirror Reflective Orange collar.

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Our Product Features

Extra Long - Fully Adjustable

Since the beginning we have stood out for our extra long straps. The industry standard is 55". All of our straps come in a 65" length, and are fully adjustable.

Perfect for our tall or plus sized musicians, and anyone else who wants to wear their strap low while rocking out!

Real Leather Tips and Quality Fabrics

We always strive for the best materials and to protect your guitar.

Every strap is made with heavy weight real leather tips, so no matter how hard you rock, your guitar won't drop.

We also line every strap with Nylon Webbing - protecting the facing material from your sweat, so your strap will last!

All Free From Lead and Heavy Metals

V has always cared about the health of her clients along with her design goals. So, she ensures all her fabrics, hardware, and materials are free of heavy metals and known toxins.

Hand Cut and Sewn in Los Angeles

Every item you buy supports local Woman Owned manufacturing here in Los Angeles. Supporting American Made.

Not only that, but each item is handmade, and then inspected for quality by V herself.

Portion of All Sales Supports Animal Rescues

Having always loved animals, and having started with her pet store and pet line, V makes sure a portion of every sale goes to support animal rescues.

This year she is supporting No Dogs Left Behind.

Also, remember to Adopt! Don't Shop!