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Get'm Get'm - Artist Testimonials

See what people are saying about us and our products.

Lenore the Shredder

I love these straps! Most straps don't feel comfortable and wear and tear like clockwork, digging into your skin when you're trying to shred. Took me a while to find Get'm Get'm straps, but they are AMAZING! These straps have accompanied me on tour from China to New York City, and have never failed me.

Jaron Gulino, Tantric

Get’m Get’m straps have been my go to for the last five years. Their deign & manufacturing team is incredible. They have styles for any sort of theme or setting. The straps are durable, and long enough for tall players such as myself, who require a longer than usual strap. Virginia and the rest of the team at the company are very responsive and helpful. Great people to work with! Highly recommended.

Dave Crum

I have been using Get’m Get’m straps for about 20 years. My first one was the leopard print and I still have it! It has lasted me many years, but I recently upgraded to the newer version and they are made better than ever! I now have about 15 different styles in my collection. They go great with all of my guitars and stage clothes. The best looking and best made guitar straps for Rock N’ Roll!

Casandra Carson, Paralandra

The thing I love about Get'm Get'm Straps is they stand out! Their styles are super unique, comfortable, and most importantly, they make me feel like me when I'm on stage.

Xtine Reckless

Get’m Get’m, hands down, makes the best guitar straps. Made from durable, comfortable, quality materials, Get’m Get’m makes the coolest looking guitar straps you will ever find in every color, texture and print you could ever want. I highly recommend Get’m Get’m guitar straps -- a strap you can trust to hold your guitar or bass safely, and you will love the way it looks.

Jeff Arnold

These straps are the best out there. They’re extremely high quality, built to last, and look amazing on stage! I’ll never go with another company!

Jayllen Kendrick

Initially I bought this strap because the Greatest artist to ever walk the planet used them for the last 20+ years of his life (Prince). As this awesome strap has come into my own, this is by far the BEST strap I've ever had. Everyone who comes in contact with it loves it. I will continue to sport mines as long as I can while styling and profiling!

Jason Vega

Quite possibly the BEST straps ever made! Once you try them, you’ll see that no other strap can compare. But what makes this company incredible? That would be Virginia Castro.
She understands the needs of both amateur and professional musicians, & she tends to each individual to ensure that the customer satisfaction is achieved.

Jessie Marin

Keep up the great work. Definitely love the stuff you make.

JuanPi Vlök

She is an inspiration for all of us. I am honored to be an endorser, and I am very fortunate to call her friend.

Uncle Sasquatch

Proud, happy and excited to be a part of the Get'm Get'm family. Been using these straps for about 20 years and to be officially representing this awesome brand of straps is an honor! Thank you @getmgetmstraps.

Robby Ninne

I love these straps... been using them forever!!!